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MorningSide understands cyber security and utilizes a combination of Windows and Linux tools to get the job done.

Our staff has been trained to think like a hacker

This mindset plus state of the art pen test tools like Kali Linux and Metasploit enable us to efficiently identify critical vulnerabilities in you web applications. Open source tools are employed alongside commercial tools since the former are also the tools hackers utilize. Memory forensic services are provided using the latest version of Volatility.

Every engagement includes a written report which lists any false positives as well as remediation guidance. For example, determining the cause is very important part of our services so that the source of the incident is clearly highlighted, thereby enabling the customer to put the proper controls in place.



MorningSide specializes in memory analysis, application security testing and program consulting. Malware cannot hide from memory and can be detected via forensic tools. It is essential not only to confirm the presence of a compromise, but also to identify the root cause of the infection so that corrective action can take place.



Proactive security scanning and information systems auditing combined with a strong application security program is your best defense. MorningSide can offer complete security audits to prepare your company for PCI compliance or to help you tighten existing controls before a third-party assessment.

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As with any security testing, there is no guarantee that every threat present will be discovered. If the system is connected to the Internet or is physically accessible, then a determined cybercriminal can breach even the best defenses. Our service helps you to define layers of security that will slow down or stop an adversary long enough for you to either prevent or minimize significant loss.

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Web Application Security Testing

Includes penetration testing using Burp Suite and remediation guidance – security testing is performed from an external IP address to simulate an actual attack. A complete log of the entire test is maintained during the assessment following industry standard pen testing protocol.


Memory Forensics

Malware Analysis includes Root Cause Analysis of source of infection. MorningSide will obtain for analysis several snapshots of volatile memory from the problem machine. These typically include one or more pagefil.sys files, the hiber.sys file, a binary file containing a copy of the memory of a running system, and a complete duplicate of the hard drive.

End Point Protection Consulting

The Internet today is a bad neighborhood. New and ever-evolving malicious threats like ransomware are invading our network and our pocketbooks. The target is the end point computer used by the corporate employee. MorningSide has experience in evaluating and deploying best of breed anti-ransomware and anti-malware solutions to protect your network from these threats.

Application Security Program Consulting

includes Policy Development, Integrated Development Environment Security Plugin evaluation, and Static and Dynamic application vulnerability scanner recommendations

Proactive Server Security Checkup

Windows and Linux server auditing including remediation guidance. A complete memory sample of the running server can be analyzed to determine the presence of over forty common Advanced Persistent Threats and many other known malware. A review of server security best practices is included.

Let MorningSide Software identify the security gaps so you can protect your information assets.

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