Our economy is being hacked!

Don’t let the army of criminal hackers breach your business. Let MorningSide Software identify the security gaps so you can protect your information assets. Knowledge really is power…

MorningSide Services

MorningSide understands cyber security and utilizes a combination of Windows and Linux tools to get the job done.



MorningSide specializes in memory analysis, application security testing and program consulting. Malware cannot hide from memory and can be detected via forensic tools.



MorningSide offers proactive security scanning and information systems auditing combined with a strong application security program is your best defense.


Risk Management

Our comprehensive approach to risk measurement follows P. Lindstrom’s techniques:

Inherent Risk: includes data containing personally identifiable information
Contributory Risk: risk that occurs due to a broken process or a missing security control
Manifest Risk: The most critical form of risk requiring the highest priority that refers to an actual security incident like a data breach or malware infection.

No more secrets! The near future threat of decryption from quantum computing

Since the topic of encryption to protect restricted data in storage or in transit has always been part of technology conversations - I wanted to share information about quantum computing and how it is impacting today's encryption measures. Quantum computers, though...

Cyber security threats to watch for in 2017

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Ransom attacks on Cloud service providers will likely increase in frequency. This is when a ransom is demanded before access to your cloud data is restored... be sure your cloud provider who hosts your confidential data has...

Bitcoin and The Recent Rise in the Occurrences of Ransomware

There is a painful correlation with the increase in the value of a Bitcoin and the concurrent rise in number of ransomware* variations capable of infecting computers across the world during the first six months of this year. Banks are actually driving up the price of...

Let MorningSide Software identify the security gaps so you can protect your information assets.

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